Empowering Gifts for Teen Girls

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Present guide gift to inspire teenage girls

The older they get the trickier they are to buy for!

Below are a few of our favourite gifts to empower and inspire teenage girls.

It's a particularly important age to encourage them to believe in themselves, to look after their mindset and support their dreams!

The gifts below do a great job of delivering big powerful messages to teenage girls in a fun meaningful way.


I am a girl what's your super power socks

Best Empowering socks Gift for a Teenage Girl

She won't fail to put her best foot forward in these socks!

Blue Q

These fun 'I'm a girl - what's your super power?' socks are the perfect present for a teenage girl.

She'll feel motivated every time she pops them on!

Self love journal for teen girls

Best Empowering Journal Gift for a Teenage Girl

Self-love Journal for Teen Girls to inspire confidence and self acceptance!

Cindy Whitehead

Guided journaling can help teen girls boost their self-esteem and face everyday challenges with confidence.

The Self-Love Journal for Teen Girls is filled with positive affirmations and reflective prompts that encourage girls to express themselves, better understand their emotions, and celebrate everything that makes them unique.

Big Bright monthly wall calendar perfect for teenage girls

Best Gift to keep Teenage Girls organised and in control

Help your teenage girl keep organised and smash her goals with this colourful wall planner.

The Happy Colour Shop

This bright and beautiful Undated Monthly Calendar is a colourful teenage girls dream!

With 12 individual sheets, she can mix it up and make it her own. It will keep her on top of her tasks and to-dos particularly important when it comes to homework and exam stress.

Proudly Difficult t-shirt for teen girls

Best T-shirt Gift for the headstrong teenage girl in your life.

Proudly Difficult the perfect t-shirtfor every young feminist.

The Spark Company - The Future is Equal

The spark company is a female founded, female led company who's mission is to create a community for anyone who believes in the radical notion that everyone should be treated equally. 

A share of profits from their products goes to charities empowering women and girls.

Fries B4 Guys

Best T-shirt Gift for the teenage girl in your life.

Fries B4 Guys t-shirt the perfect t-shirt we think every teenage girl should wear!

The Spark Company - The Future is Equal

Another great t-shirt from The Spark Company.A brilliant t-shirt to remind teenage girls to get their priorities in order!A percentage of profits from this t-shirt goes to charities empowering women and girls too.

Period pants for tween and teen girls

Brilliant underwear to empower teenage girls

The perfect underwear to liberate and empower teenage girls during their period. 


Available in cute, comfy styles with absorbencies for regular or heavy flows, Modibodi period underwear means no pads, no tampons, no waste…and no worries.

Leaving teenage girls the freedom to never miss out on sport, camp or sleepovers with your period.

I am loved, I am enough, I am strong silver ring fo teenage girls

Best jewellery Gift for the teenage girl in your life.

I am loved, I am enough, I am strong - sterling silver ring for teenage girls.


Sterling silver wrap ring hand stamped with "I am loved, I am enough, I am strong" or customised with your own 3 affirmations.

What a brilliant reminder for every teenage girl, a fantastic gift ready for her to wear on days when she needs an extra boost.

Be happy be you - The Teenage guide

Best Gift for teenage girls a guide on how to be happy and believe in themselves

Be Happy Be you - The teenage guide book

Penny Akexander and Becky Goddard-Hill

This positive and insightful guide gives teenage girls the tools to build  confidence, eliminate negative feelings and boost happiness in all areas of her life.

Being a teenager has its own unique challenges, but it's also the perfect time to shape your own mental wellbeing and happiness.

Scientists reckon 40% of your happiness is within your control, that's A LOT of happiness and this book will help her to harness it... There are tons of ideas to try from creating an anxiety toolkit, to planning a digital detox and meditating, plus you'll learn the science behind why they work. 

Progress Not Perfection Journal for teenage girls

Best inspiring Gift for a teenage girl to keep her motivated.

Progress not Perfection Journal


Nothing stops a teenage girl moving forward more than the perfectionist curse.

This journal will keep her moving forward and keep her full of momentum.

It has weekly notes pages, to-do lists, and spaces for reflection.A brilliant gift for any teenage girl to help her achieve her goals.

Going Places travel mug

Best Journal Gift for teenage girls to keep them from suffering from perfectionism!

Going Places Mug


This travel mug will inspire a teenage girl to keep motivated and move forwards.

The possibilities for her future are endless and she'll be reminded of that with every sip!

Oxfam The Future is female gift card

Best Journal Gift for teenage girls to keep them from suffering from perfectionism!

The Future is Equal Gift Card


This charitable donation card from Oxfam helps support their campaign for women's rights. 

By gifting this to a a teenage girl, it will empower her inspire her to stand in solidarity with women and girls across the globe.

Oxfam Shop

* For total transparence some of these links are affiliate links, but we only include products we believe in and hand-pick, other links will just take you to another brilliant small business! Natalie x

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