Why it's essential to help all girls 

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When we started GirlBE we knew we wanted to support charities empowering girls across the globe.

Knowing we had to have a purpose & support all girls.

I knew when I first started thinking about GirlBE and the concept behind producing the first empowerment boxes for girls, it would be essential to find a way to help support all girls not just the ones that would be lucky enough to receive the boxes.

Because it’s been proven – When you educate a girl, everything changes

It’s a crucial step in the fight to eradicate global poverty.

Yet 130 million girls globally are out of school, and 15 million girls of primary school age will never even enter a classroom.

And that is heartbreaking. Which is why my girls and I have vowed to try and make a difference.

I was adamant that if I was to start a new business/ company, it had to be one that was rooted in the concept of making a difference and supporting a cause that I passionately believed in.

Our charity pledge

Which is why, GirlBE pledges to donate a percentage of profits from our monthly empowerment boxes to Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), this fantastic charity tackles poverty and inequality, by supporting marginalised girls to go to school and succeed. It also helps and empowers young women to step up as leaders of change within their communities.

So every time another GirlBE box arrives through the letterbox for your daughter, you will have the comfort of knowing that you are not only helping her, but you are also helping other less advantaged girls all across the globe.

But you can always go one step further.

As a family, we personally also sponsor a girl, through ActionAid another of GirlBE’s chosen charities, to ensure she has nutritious food, clean water and an education.

If you and your girl want to take the extra step too and help make a difference in the world, it’s so easy to get started. Just visit our charities page, not only will you see all three of the charities GirlBE is supporting this year, but you’ll also be able to see how you too can get involved.

Because imagine how impactful it will be for your daughter to know you and she have the power to change lives, that can support others to make change happen.

Working together, we can make the world a better place for all girls and women.

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Hi I'm Natalie - founder of GirlBE and Raising Strong Daughters

Statistics show between the ages of 8-14, girls’ confidence levels fall between 30 percent. 

Only 27.1% of leaders or managers worldwide are women.

In an era of #Metoo, #EqualPay, #Girlscount, (and now the effects of the global pandemic, and the rise in girls mental health issues!).

I believe we should do all we can to show girls their worth and empower them towards greatness.

GirlBE positivity and empowerment to inspire your girl every month

Before you move on, Are you looking for more ways to support your girl?

I'm on a mission to help those of us raising girls have all the information and resources we need to raise the next generation of strong women.

We need to work together if we are going to ensure our girls reach their potential, so let's stay in touch!